Apple MacOS 10.13 High Sierra - should I update?

MacOS High Sierra 10.13: Should you update?

26 Sep 2017 · Apple has just published a new update to OSX - but should you update right away? We checked out a few apps and called the most important software developers. Find out here if your software is supported.

The New 2016 MacBook Pro: Smash hit or off-key?

28 Oct 2016 · Apple can't quite bring themselves to put touch on their Macbook Pro screens and so invent a less helpful way of using what is obviously working well on the iPad, Surface and hybrid computers.

Is Apple trying to own all music?

02 Jul 2016 · In a post iTunes world is Apple Music manoeuvring to be the only source of streamed music and what does that mean for consumer choice?

Avid Pro Tools Dock hits the streets

02 Jun 2016 · There's been a mixed reaction to the new Pro Tools Dock since it's announcement, so now we'll see what users really think as it starts to find its way into studios.