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iCaster Apple iPhone Telecaster

iCaster Apple iPhone Telecaster  ·  Source: Youtube/ArtMayer

What do you do with all those old iPhones you have stuck in a drawer somewhere? Build a Telecaster out of them, obviously. The next question: will it run iOS13?

The iCaster iPhone guitar

Ebay or check ’em away? The world is full of old unwanted Apple iPhones. YouTuber ArtMayer has recently uploaded a video of a third option: use them to build a guitar. As much as anything else, it’s a fantastic lesson in recycling/up-cycling.

He made his Tele-style guitar using 107 old Apple iPhones around a mahogany sustain block in the centre. Dubbed the iCaster, this high tech/old tech guitar has everything you need to bang out some riffs. Will it produce a ringing tone? (groan).




Hopefully, it won’t start expanding when all those old lithium ion batteries start to degrade over time and blow up! You can watch the full build in the YouTube video below. It really is a great watch.

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