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Burls Art River Guitar epoxy

Burls Art River Guitar  ·  Source: Burls Art/YouTube


Burls Art has just posted a video of his new River Guitar. This artist/guitar builder caught everyone’s attention with his ‘Coloured Pencil’ Stratocaster and Telecaster builds. Well, now we have a river guitar to add to his growing list of weird epoxy based guitars.


Burls Art River Guitar

Burls Art had everyone talking about his coloured pencil Stratocaster earlier this year – and then he topped it with a Telecaster version. Now he’s gone a step further and taken his guitar designs, which all seem to use epoxy resin, in a new direction.

While his previous two guitars used something like 1200 coloured pencils embedded in epoxy resin, both were based directly on Fender classic guitar designs. This new River Guitar is his own design and uses quilted maple for part of the construction of the guitar.

Burls Art River Guitar build in progress

Burls Art River Guitar build in progress


Where it really stands out is the river that runs through the centre of the guitar. I like that the guitar’s bridge literally forms a bridge over the river, a nice touch. Or perhaps happy coincidence.

You can watch the whole build from start to finish below and see Burls Art doing his thing with epoxy and wood. It’s pretty impressive for his first go with quilted maple and the river effect looks like it works well overall.

He states he has had requests for Flying Vs and Les Paul style instruments, and that he wants to do more than just guitars based on coloured pencils. This is someone to watch in 2019. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

If you are building interesting guitars and feel the world should see your work, then contact me here on Gearnews with your work. As for everyone else, what do you think of Burl Arts latest creation?

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  1. Jeff Xanders says:

    Any way I can have him build a 10 string lap steel guitar for me?

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