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Burls Art Coloured Pencil Telecaster

Burls Art Coloured Pencil Telecaster  ·  Source: Burls Art/YouTube

YouTuber Burls Art made a Stratocaster out of coloured pencils last month. Looks like he’s got a new hobby: he has now made a Telecaster using a similar process. And the accompanying YouTube video is every bit as mesmerising as the first one…

Coloured Pencil Telecaster

Last month I told you about the coloured pencil Stratocaster made by Burls Art – and you have to admit it was pretty darn cool. He has now made a slightly more refined version of the guitar and this one has a nice graduation in colour. This Tele-style guitar contains pencils that graduate from purples and blues, through to white. He has then used better, clearer epoxy resin to set the pencils in the shape of a guitar. The colours are used in more thoughtfully here than on his Stratocaster.

He has also made a video showing us the whole process and it is pretty mesmerising to watch. Make sure you check it out below. I think the whole concept is really interesting, but dread to think how long it takes to make them and how much they must weigh!

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