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avatar jefJef Stone (Guitar & Bass) | mail: jef (at) gearnews (com)

I grew up in a house full of guitars, as my father was forever building electric guitars on the families kitchen table. I spent my teenage years trying to tame a 100 watt Marshall JCM 800 and matching 4 x 12 cab in a bedroom, only just large enough for a bed. I’d bought it not REALLY understanding exactly how loud 100 watts is. At this young age I started to experiment with recording and MIDI and cut my teeth on Pro 24 and Notator on an Atari synced to a Foster R8 with an MTC-1.

Playing in bands and working in recording studios for many years, I learned to mix, record and eventually worked as a sound engineer. I also worked for many of the UKs large pro audio retailers, where I helped to set up DAWs in everything from local studios, music technology colleges all the way through to world famous recording facilities like Air Studios and The Strongroom. As I couldn’t help myself, I even owned my own recording studio in London for a while. There I learnt a lot about recording guitars, dealing with bands and getting quality results anyhow.

Over the years I have acquired a very sizeable guitar collection, which includes many guitars that I have built myself. I’m a total hoarder of effect pedals and valve amps and I’m a certified guitar geek. So there are not many that I have not owned at least once. Whether Parker Fly guitars or Klon Centaur pedals, I’ve had them all. Now running the annual Analogue To Digital music show in the UK, plus the Vintage Guitar Fair, I get to be busy throughout the year and also get to rub shoulders with many other guitar lovers, luthiers, manufacturers and pro players.

My tastes in music includes everything from Dinosaur Jr to Squarepusher.


Robin_Avatar_Gearnews_comRobin Vincent (Recording, Synthesizer) | mail: robin (at) gearnews (com)

I’ve been messing around with computers and music since the 1980’s and did my first gig with guitar and a Commodore 64 back in 1988. In the 90’s I ran the PC Product department at Turnkey (“Europe’s largest music tech store”) released a couple of books on the subject and helped design the Carillon AC-1 audio PC and bring it to market as Technical Director.

After taking a year out to become a rock star (an on-going endeavour) in 2006 I setup and ran the UK operation of audio PC manufacturer Rain Computers. In 2013 I was able to form Molten Music Technology (MMT) to continue building audio PCs under my own steam. This independence has enabled me to diversify into different projects like The Pro Tools PC, writing articles for Sound On Sound magazine, and creating videos about music technology on the surprisingly successful MMT YouTube channel.

I live with my wife and three young kids in the wilds of Norfolk where I like to create meditative music and produce electronic soundscapes for cathedrals.

Angus_Avatar_Gearnews_comAngus Baigent (Editor in Chief) | mail: angus (at) gearnews (com)

Two things I love: music and writing. As far as the music goes, I spend half my music-making time with a guitar standing in front of one of the two vintage amps I own. The rest is spent hunched over a computer screen, recording, composing, mixing and trying to get some inspiring new sounds out of soft synths and other digital audio gadgets.

And I love writing: I blog, translate texts and books, and write copy – most of it for a living. What better way to combine the two than working at The only downside is constantly finding out about new instruments and equipment that I’d like to own, but can’t budget or find space for. First-world problems, eh?