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Burls Art PaperCaster

Burls Art PaperCaster  ·  Source: Burls Art/YouTube


You can say what you want about Burls Art, but I think his projects are great. Like the guitar made of pencils, or the Flying V made of jawbreakers. The YouTube guitar creator not only builds exciting guitars and basses, but documents his work in an entertaining way. His latest work is no exception: The Burls Art PaperCaster, a guitar “completely” made of paper.


Burls Art PaperCaster

It’s not officially called PaperCaster, but I think that sounds better than “guitar made out of 800 pieces of paper”. Of course, paper does not last without an adhesive. This guitar uses epoxy resin. The paper sheets are laid out in layers, painted with resin before a new layer of differently coloured paper is laid on top. Repeat.

Burls Art PaperCaster Paper Guitar

Burls Art PaperCaster – A guitar mode from paper and epoxy resin

The Tone of a Paper Guitar

The end of the block is milled into shape, contoured and painted. Sure, there are a few smears like the “cracks” on the top. And you can also argue about the sound. But in a blind test I would probably hear no difference to a wooden guitar. Do you?

I know there’s a lot of tone wood purists out there who can’t imagine playing a guitar not made of wood. But does the material used matter all that much? If it’s sustainable and has the right density, then why not use it?

Check out Burls Art doing his thing in the video below. As usual, it’s impressive stuff.



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by Jef

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  1. Janne says:

    I’m just waiting for the roasted PaperCaster.

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