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Burls Art Jawbreaker Flying V

Burls Art Jawbreaker Flying V  ·  Source: Instagram/Burls Art

Burls Art 8 Mega Jawbreaker Candies Flying V

Burls Art 8 Mega Jawbreaker Candies Flying V  ·  Source: Burls Art/YouTube

Burls Art is at it again. This time, the celebrated builder of oddball guitars has used children’s sweets as his construction material, using 8 Mega Jawbreakers to make a Flying V. And the resulting video is nothing if not absorbing. 


If you haven’t seen any of the Burls Art guitars this year, then follow this link to catch up with some of his weird and wacky guitar experiments. They include guitar bodies made from coloured pencils, a guitar that looks like a river and, more recently, a super lightweight Styrofoam Telecaster.

This latest creation uses epoxy resin to cast a Flying V body shape that contains 8 Mega Jawbreakers, plus a central maple block. The centre block was utilised to mount the hardware and give the guitar neck a solid join. The body is then sealed with polyurethane.

Resin plus Mega Jawbreakers with a maple core

Resin plus Mega Jawbreakers with a maple core

Burls Art Jawbreaker Flying V

Jawbreaker Flying V

The last stage is mounting the hardware and attaching the neck. The final result is a guitar with huge concentric wheels of colour arranged in a uniform pattern. You can see these bullseyes of colour repeating all over the front and sides of the Flying V shape.

I get the feeling that this guitar will be pretty heavy, though. There is a lot of epoxy resin in the gaps and that stuff can be pretty weighty. Anyway, the video below is well worth a watch and details the whole process from start to finish.

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