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Burls Art Carbon Fibre Acoustic guitar

Burls Art Carbon Fibre Acoustic guitar  ·  Source: Burls Art/YouTube


BurlsArt has been busy again! This time, he’s videod himself attempting to build an acoustic guitar – using carbon fibre for the body. He’s used a variety of materials in the past, from coloured pencils to styrofoam. Watching him try his hand at carbon fibre makes for an absorbing few minutes on YouTube.


Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre has been used by guitar manufacturers many times in the past, as it is a great material for adding strength and rigidity to an instrument. It’s also lightweight. I have owned carbon fibre guitars myself in the past, so this is not exactly a groundbreaking build in terms of the materials used. However, to build one from scratch without the aid of industrial machinery and tooling takes some doing. It turns this into an interesting watch.

Burls Art carbon fibre acoustic body

Burls Art carbon fibre acoustic body


Even though carbon fibre is very stable, this design doesn’t get entirely by without wood. Not only are the neck, fingerboard and headstock made of wood, but Burls Art also installed a wooden block at the neck join. On the one hand this ensures stability, on the other hand it helps transmit the vibration of the strings.

Burls Art wood neck and neck join

Burls Art wood neck and neck join

Carbon Fibre Acoustic

I’m impressed by the whole process. I love that Burls Art dives headlong into these challenges. Although I’ve built my own guitars in the past, I’ve never tried carbon fibre as it’s a tricky material to work with.

We’d love to hear from readers that also build their own ‘unique’ guitars from alternative materials! If you have built a guitar using something other than just wood, let us know about it int he comments section below. You can check out some more of Burls Art’s work here in our previous articles.

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Burls Art Carbon Fibre Acoustic guitar

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    John Doe says:

    Oh fantastic, more things made out of carbon fibers, the environment will love this once this guitar is disposed of (and it will be)… Just keep churning out these AWESOME 🙂 products.

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