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Rubato Guitars Lassie

Rubato Guitars Lassie  ·  Source: Lassie

South African guitar maker Rubato Guitars has just launched its new Lassie model, an electric guitar built from carbon fibre. After the recently announced Boaz One guitar, which is made of plastic, are we about to see more instruments made of non-organic materials? After all, Carbon fibre definitely has one or two advantages over traditional guitar woods…

Rubato Guitars’ Lassie

This new Rubato Guitars Lassie model is designed and made in South Africa. It’s predominantly made from carbon fibre, which gives it some properties that might work well. Carbon fibre, for example, lends the guitar a very rigid structure that isn’t affected by temperature changes or humidity, unlike wood.

Then of course it is also very light. A guitar like the Lassie comes in at around 2.5 kg, which is great for players that have to stand up for long sets. The And because the main body and neck is one piece of carbon fibre, not truss rod is needed, as the whole assembly is so rigid.

Rubato Guitar Carbon Fibre Lassie

Rubato Guitar Carbon Fibre Lassie

Smooth Neck

The smooth satin neck is C-shaped and has a heel-less neck joint with the body. It uses a compound-radius flame maple fretboard. That’s at least one element that’s reminiscent of a regular electric guitar.

The pickups are a pair of Porter mini-humbuckers directly mounted to the carbon fibre body. Other hardware includes a set of Grover Mini Rotomatic locking tuners as well as a Hipshot hard tail bridge.

It is an interesting design and should be pretty robust, as carbon fibre has very little ‘give’. I owned a Parker Fly Deluxe for a number of years, which is also made from carbon fibre. It was a solid guitar, but exceedingly light!

The Lassie isn’t exactly cheap, but then it isn’t your average guitar and could be pretty special.

RRP – USD 3966.59

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Dude, not sure if you are ever doing any research before writing your articles? “are we about to see more instruments made of non-organic materials” – in actual fact, as the name already implies, carbon fibers are made 100% from organic material. Ironically, all modern carbon fibers are synthesized from … wait for it … oil! So basically this guitar is going backwards in terms of environmental impact: from using wood that at least can be grown it’s now using oil. It’s really like swapping your 1.4 litres petrol-powered 2-seat 1.2 ton town car Fiat for an “electric” 5-seat 2.5… Read more »