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The Boaz One Modular Guitar front

The Boaz One Modular Guitar  ·  Source: Boaz

The new Boaz One modular guitar was designed by Israeli-American luthier Boaz Elkayam and uses plastic that has been injection moulded to give you up to 50 different guitar combinations.

Boaz One Modular Guitar 

Designed using a modular system that includes cassettes loaded with various pickup combinations, the Boaz One is a truly unique modular guitar design. It even has a built-in kickstand style guitar stand!

Boaz One modular guitar with three single coil pickups configurtaion

Boaz One modular guitar with three single-coil pickups configuration


The main body shape can also be changed by adding the modular wings onto the main central guitar structure. He has even managed to fit in a plectrum holder into the main guitar, to keep your picks safe and at hand when you most need them.

Boaz One Wings and built-in Guitar stand

Boaz One Wings and built-in Guitar stand


Each cassette comes pre-configured with a set of pickups, which you can then easily swap in and out of the guitar’s body. Making the Boaz One a perfect platform for experimenting with guitar tones.

Boaz One Pickup Cassettes with single coil or humbucking configurations

Boaz One Pickup Cassettes with single coil or humbucking configurations

Injection Moulded Plastic

By using Injection Moulded Plastic as the core of the Boaz One’s structure you avoid all the things that a wooden guitar can easily suffer from. Including reacting to extreme temperature changes, humidity and also the usual dents and scuffs that a nitro or poly finish instrument can suffer from.

I’m intrigued, purely from the standpoint of design and think that this guitar has something pretty interesting about it. Sure, it isn’t exactly classic looking or retro-styled; looking more utilitarian than most guitars. But even if a small part of its design trickles down into the mainstream it could have some benefits.

Long term it may have some answers for avoiding using traditional woods that have become scarce, but in the short term I think it will have a job convincing guitarists to try it out as it looks so weird.

No official pricing yet, but if you register on the site below they will give you 40% off the official RRP when it gets released. You can watch the official demo video of the Boaz One in action below and hear The Guitologist interviewing Mr Boaz on his YouTube channel about his unique design as well.


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Tim Purcell
11 months ago

This looks to be very cool!