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KLOS Guitars Travel Guitar Carbon Fibre

A unique looking Golf club from KLŌS guitars..  ·  Source: KLŌS guitar/YouTube

KLŌS guitar

KLŌS guitar - The ultimate Christmas gift for the player that has everything?  ·  Source: KLŌS guitar

If you are looking for a cool last-minute Christmas present for the guitarist in your life and they also happen to enjoy sports, travel and the great outdoors then perhaps a KLŌS travel guitar would be the idea gift...

Carbon Fibre

Made out of carbon fibre, the KLŌS travel guitar is a six-string acoustic guitar with a high tolerance to external forces. Unlike a traditional wooden guitar, it’s super tough. That makes it a perfect travel companion, as it can easily withstand the rigours of travel. As the promotional videos demonstrate, it can also be used during a round of golf, or to take a boat downstream if you forget your paddle.

Travel Guitar

If you are looking for a present for the guitarist in your life that has everything, this neat travel guitar could be just what you need. I like that it is robust and the whole concept is simple enough. Yet it retains the core parts of a guitar that makes them fun to play. So even by using carbon fibre as their unique selling point, they are not detracting from the playability of the instrument.

The guitar has a more traditional mahogany neck with a blackwood fretboard and has 18 frets. With a mini dreadnought design that was conceived in the USA, this guitar should tick many boxes for players that want to travel with their instruments.

Cool Christmas

The company sells directly via their own website and reckons they can get the guitars to you within 48 hrs in the USA with free domestic shipping. If you are outside the US, you will have to be quick or you’ll miss the boat for a Christmas delivery though.

With lots of accessories available and even an electro-acoustic version on offer as well, this little travel guitar could be the coolest Christmas Gift for the player in your life.

RRP – Available from USD 599

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