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Top Ten Budget Guitar Gifts

Top Ten Budget Guitar Gifts  ·  Source: Pexels/George Dolgikh/Thomann/


It’s that time of year again – and you are looking for a gift for the guitar player in your life. Whether it is a loved one or just a fellow band member, you know they love the guitar and so you want to get them something 6-string related. So here are my top tips for guitar-orientated gifts for the plucker in your life! Check out these stocking fillers – they’re all under £30!


TC Polytune Clip-On Tuner GBP 25.65 

I cannot stress how brilliant these things are for us guitarists. I myself own more than one and keep them in my gig bag, one in my setup box and often have one clipped to my guitar of choice. Put it this way, you could buy me one of these every year and I would adore you for it: they are super useful and work flawlessly.

You can buy them here and they are perfect for anyone that plays a stringed instrument, guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele or otherwise. We all know there is nothing more annoying than an out of tune guitar, so it’ll be a benefit to everyone around the recipient as well!

TC PolyTune Clip-On Tuner black

TC PolyTune Clip-On Tuner black · Source: Thomann

Rockys Wood Plectrum Set Jazz – GBP 11.06

Following on from my recent series about trying different materials for your humble pick, Rockys Wood Plectrum Set Jazz is affordable, comes in a handy presentation box and offers something different to the guitarist in your life. A well under the £30 budget, you could easily get this and some strings of their choice as well!

Rockys Wood Plectrum Set Jazz

Rockys Wood Plectrum Set Jazz · Source: Thomann

Danelectro N-10 Honeytone Mini Amp AQ – GBP 28.30

This dinky ‘practise amp’ comes in a retro ’50s inspired Cadillac colour scheme and is perfect for using either as a practise tool or perhaps to keep in your guitarist’s setup box. I keep a mini amp similar to this one in my toolkit, so I can check the wiring and signal path of my guitar after I have been ‘modifying’ it. It comes in at just under £30 and you can order one from here.

Danelectro N-10 Honeytone Mini Amp AQ

Danelectro N-10 Honeytone Mini Amp AQ · Source: Thomann

Gibson Clear Bucket Care Kit – GBP 24.77

Yes, you can budget for a Gibson for Christmas for your loved one. Well, a Gibson Clear Bucket Care Kit anyway. Okay, it isn’t a Custom Shop limited edition Slash Firebird, but it will keep a guitar in tip-top condition.

Seriously, these kits are fantastic and it is something a guitarist can use all year round to keep their guitars clean and healthy. The items all come loaded up in a ‘Clear Bucket’, which is where it gets its name from. It includes a Gibson guitar strap as well.

Gibson Clear Bucket Care Kit

Gibson Clear Bucket Care Kit · Source: Thomann

TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz – GBP 25.65

Of course, I was going to suggest getting them a pedal! And at under £30, the TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz is a no-brainer. This dirty little box of joy packs in enough dirt to put a smile on the face of any six-string slinger and can make enough of a racket to raise hell.

This pedal is ideal for your first foray into the world of fuzz and will be useful in many situations for a guitarist. From soloing to walls of chaos, this little brown box can do them all!

tc electronic Honey Pot Fuzz

TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz · Source: Thomann

Harley Benton Digital Delay – GBP 26.54

If the guitarist in your life is less into walls of noise and more into ambience and space, or you just don’t want to buy them a noisy fuzz pedal, consider picking them up one of these. The Harley Benton Digital Delay offers lots of subtle digital delay sounds and has a range from 25-600 ms delay time.

Delays are lots of fun, great for song composition and have multiple uses, so this pedal would be a welcome addition for most guitar players.

Harley Benton Digital Delay

Harley Benton Digital Delay · Source: Thomann

Thomann E-Guitar Gigbag Premium BR – GBP 29.19

I would always recommend owning a decent quality gig bag for your guitar. I’ve chosen this one as it has lots of handy pockets, is waterproof and is also fairly rugged. It also has protection at the base and top for our guitar, so should be good protection from knocks and scrapes to and from gigs or rehearsals.

Thomann E-Guitar Gigbag Premium BR

Thomann E-Guitar Gigbag Premium BR · Source: Thomann

Harley Benton Guitar & Bass Toolkit – GBP 20.17

If you’re serious about the guitar, you need some tools. With the Harley Benton Guitar & Bass Toolkit, you are getting all the basic tools that a guitar player needs to keep their favourite instrument fettled and playing like a dream.

It includes handy things like a capo, Allen keys, wire cutters, a steel rule and even a set of thickness gauges. You can order them from here and be confident that this is a useful gift that your favourite  guitarist can use all year around.

Harley Benton Guitar & Bass Toolkit

Harley Benton Guitar & Bass Toolkit · Source: Thomann

Behringer GUITAR 2 USB – GBP 10.70

When you want to record a guitar, you have lots of places nowadays to get recording software for free, which is great. However, you still need to get your guitar into your PC/Mac and this handy little cable could well be the cheapest and easiest way to do this!

The Behringer GUITAR 2 USB does this in the simplest fashion imaginable. It works with any computer system and any guitar with a jack output. I think that it is a very useful item to own and great for when you just need to plug in and record your instrument, with little to no fuss.

Behringer GUITAR 2 USB

Behringer GUITAR 2 USB · Source: Thomann

Warwick Breadboard T-Style Guitar – GBP 14.86

My last choice is more of a fun item and would suit a player who also enjoys creating in the kitchen. You can get this solid ash chopping board in the shape of a Telecaster from here and they do it in other styles as well.

What I’m really wondering is can I route it out and actually make it into a real guitar? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try it!

Warwick Breadboard T-Style Guitar

Warwick Breadboard T-Style Guitar · Source: Thomann



The Top 10 Budget Gifts for Guitarists this Christmas!

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