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Gibson Firebird Slash Signature model

Gibson Firebird Slash Signature model  ·  Source: Gibson


Gibson’s new Global Brand Ambassador for guitars, Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson, has let us all into a little secret via his very own personal Facebook page. The cat (in the hat) is, ahem, out of the bag: there is a new, cool-looking Slash Signature Firebird on the horizon.


Slash Firebird

The new Slash Firebird comes in two colours and the man in the hat has even posted a short video on his Facebook page here for all to see. There also seems to be some subtle ageing applied. You can also see Slash adding his infamous $1500 moniker to some of the guitars during the short video clip below.

No price or details are available as yet, but expect an announcement on Thursday. You can see that the guitars are available in two finishes, but no ‘Anaconda Burst’ here (thankfully) and I would happily own the lighter coloured version of the two, but only as long as Slash doesn’t want an extra $1500 for his autograph!

There is a discrete Slash skull ‘n’ crossbones logo on the pickguard where normally there would be a Firebird logo. I think it looks really good, so much nicer than his recent green Anaconda Les Paul models. It’s nice to see Gibson making something look good. As much as I moan about them sometimes I love the company and their classic guitar designs.

I will update with more information as and when it is all officially announced, but for now, check out the video below and let us know what you think of this new ‘SlashBird’.


Gibson Firebird Slash Signature model

Gibson Firebird Slash Signature model



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by Jef

2 responses to “Gibson’s ‘not so secret’ Slash signature Firebird: Enter the SlashBird!”

  1. Roy says:

    I bough the Epiphone version with an extra $100 bucks off cause it was a floor model, lol, so I bough a fitted epi case for it. I’m not a “brand guy” so that Epi sig on the headstock doesn’t bother me. What counts is it is basically has all of the important ingredients of the Gibson version except the finish isn’t as good but it doesn’t have any faux wear and tear on it so we’re back to even. The frets aren’t as smooth as I’d like them to be but that’s the only and I mean only concern. All models include Seymour Duncan Slash signature Alnico pro 2 neck and bridge humbuckers and perform extremely well. I play through a 04′ Mesa Single Rectifier 50 watt(basically the Dual Rectifier only in 50 watt, clean and full on distortion channels, no medium channel.) and a 2×12 Mesa Recto cab w/Vintage 30 Celetition speakers. So, The hi wound moderate output suits my amp perfectly, letting the Mesa’s 5 preamp tubes push that distortion and the 2 6L6’s to blast off when I hit 50 watts. I have another Epi signature, a Semi hollow body Dregen from the Swedish bands The Hellacopters and The Backyard Babies which came with Gibson 57 Classic neck & Gibson 57 Classic Plus bridge pickups which are similar sounding, same alnico 2 magnets but I’m guessing different pole pieces, spacers and windings. I like the Slash sig a bit better though but that’s like having a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, they’re both great. This is my first Pao Ferro fretboard and so far so good. Get some strap locks when you buy this cause the strap pegs are inserted in an angle, you’ll thank me cause it will come loose up front. Great pots and positioning of the knobs, out of the way of your hands. I once owned a Fender Jim Root Telecaster and had to return it cause every time I’d hit a big Paul Gilbert R&R chord and strum the damn volume knob was RIGHT THEIR TO HURT ME. Shame too cause it was a gr8 sounding guitar. Let’s see, I think that’s it! I’m happy! If you’re thinking of buying one, pull the trigger cause Slash or no Slash, this is a dream Firebird; seriously! I always wished they’d reissue the mid 2000s Gibson Firebird Studio cause of the Humbuckers. No they don’t need to. I have basically, a Firebird V with out the neck through body but a flamed maple top and some kick ass Seymour Duncans. Gibson have made some good moves since filing for bankruptcy protection and this is a shining example. And if you don’t like Slash you can buy a Firebird pickguard from Gibson, any Firebird I-VII. The firebirds without the raised centers will not fit.

    • Jef says:

      Thank you for the insight fella, I’d tend to agree with the ‘don’t worry about names on headstocks’ and concentrate on what makes a guitar good. I do like a Firebird as well, 2019 could get expensive for me…

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