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Gibson Slash Anaconda Flame Top and Plain Top Les Paul Signature models 2017

Gibson Slash Anaconda Flame Top and Plain Top Les Paul Signature models 2017  ·  Source: Gibson


Two new Slash Signature Les Paul models both come in a very slinky new green ‘Anaconda Burst’, a tribute to the man’s famed love of snakes. He has also been officially named as a ‘Global Brand Ambassador’ for the Gibson, which makes sense as he pretty much re-ignited the company back in the late ’80s. But is anyone’s signature worth this much?


Anaconda Burst

Love it or loathe it, you have to admit it stands out. This new Anaconda Burst isn’t subtle and really does pop. I think it is interesting, but I’m not sure where I fall yet, as it’ll take a while for me to decide if I like it or not. It comes with Slash’s preferred custom neck profile and his signature humbucking pickups, plus a set of Sprague Orange Drop (orange caps, big deal).

You can buy it in either a Plain Top or Flame Top version and even get yourself one signed by the ‘man in the hat’ himself. Of course, there is a serious upcharge for that last one.

Slash Plain Top

Slash Plain Top

Pistols and Pansies

I honestly believe you would need to love his work to want one of these, as for the money (they are NOT cheap) most players I know would want a more traditional burst colour for a Les Paul or perhaps something with a more vintage look. Apparently, Slash has been using a prototype or two live for the last two years. It should play really well.

Slash Anaconda Flame Top

Slash Anaconda Flame Top

’59 Spec

This model has all the usual Gibson ’59 specification of a mahogany body, maple cap and traditional hardware, so nothing out of whack or crazy, just those aforementioned Slash tweaks to the neck and pickups. Expect a decent setup and finish as they are all Custom Shop models.


What really will make the difference to people buying this will, of course, be the Slash connection. These could all end up being bought and stashed away in the hope that they will increase in value over time. I’m not so sure if they will, as there have already been quite a few Slash Signature Les Paul models over the years and this one isn’t like anything he has played before, so it doesn’t evoke the same desire as the look of one of his original (though actually fake Gibson) Kris Derrig Les Pauls from the bands glory years back in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

Here’s the pricing (and yes, Slash’s signature ups the price by $1,500)!

RRP – Plain Top USD 4999, Signed Plain Top USD 6499 and Signed Flame Top USD 7999

Gibson Slash Signature Les Paul main page


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Gibson Slash Anaconda Flame Top and Plain Top Les Paul Signature models 2017

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