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Gibson Slash Collection Les Paul models

Gibson Slash Collection Les Paul models  ·  Source: Gibson

In big news for Gibson’s global brand ambassador Slash, Gibson has announced a series of new signature models ahead of NAMM 2020. The releases include four new signature Les Pauls models and two J-45s acoustic guitars. But, seriously, does anyone care anymore?

Rock Dinosaur?

Admittedly, I’m not a massive fan of G’n’R or his guitar playing style, but I appreciate him for his merit in rock and the legacy he has created is undeniable. He has already been associated with a lot of signature instruments from Gibson and new ones are constantly being added. The Slash Collection, with a total of six guitars, is just the latest chapter.

Are you a massive fan of G’n’R or Slash? Please leave a comment below about how much the models appeal to you. Let’s face it, you are the target audience for this huge release.

Gibson Slash Collection Les Paul models

Gibson Slash Collection Les Paul models

Slash Collection Les Paul Standard

Strictly speaking, only one Les Paul Standard in the Gibson Slash Collection is actually new, being available in different colours and with a different hardware look. Obviously, the classic body shape is there, along with a C-profile neck made of mahogany. There is also an AAA maple top and a rosewood fingerboard.

On a Slash signature, of course, the Slashbucker must be installed for humbucking rock god tones. Depending on the paint finish may also have a zebra look. Plus you get orange drop capacitors for the authentic sound.

There is even more Slash in the form of its Skully signature logo on the back of the headstock. It comes with new Ernie Ball strings and Dunlop Tortex picks. The LP is delivered in a brown hard case.

It is painted in Anaconda Burst, November Burst, Appetite Burst (which sounds like you ate too much at the all you can eat buffet) and Vermillion Burst.

Gibson Slash Collection J-45 Standard signature models

Gibson Slash Collection J-45 Standard signature models

Slash Collection J-45 Standard

Okay, the Slash J-45 Standard is probably justified because it is the first of its kind. Slash has had no official acoustic signature model at Gibson yet. The J-45 is a classic acoustic in it’s own right, so a great choice for a signature model anyway.

Similarities between the two models are:

  • Round C profile
  • 16 “fretboard radius
  • LR Baggs VTC pickup
  • Skully signature on the back of the headstock
  • Slash Dunlop Tortex picks included

The big difference here is again the paint job: November Burst or Vermillion Burst.

If you’re at NAMM Show, see if you can find him handing out his signature for $1500 a pop. Maybe he also takes credit cards?

RRP – GBP 2599 for the Les Paul and GBP 2999 for the J-45.

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i’m a hughe slash fan. So i’m extremelly exited about this serie. Just don’t mind about the acoustic, cause slash isn’t known for acoustic guitars but i’ve already ordered the vermillion and i will try to purchase the november and anaconda in the next few years. Yeah i’m a fan. Cheers


Signature series guitars are pretty lame and typically overpriced. They are nice looking guitars, but I’m assuming their target audience is the Blues Lawyer type dudes and not actual working musicians.


I have a Slash signature custom shop and the AFD.
Wouldn’t buy another as it’s a money making racket. You get a limited run of so many, then comes out the custom shop model, then the aged and signed..
So, which one is the copy…

Scott brown

I’m a Huge Slash fan and have a few of his signature models but it’s just become a joke. How many signature guitars can one guy have?

Adrian " ALIEN " Howells

Are there any SLASH 2020 Acoustic guitars
” GIBSON ” OR ” EPIPHONE ” coming out.
And if so with a cut out for reaching the 21st Fret or preferably the 24th fret. Also with a nice pickup ofcourse ?

Gerald scott

Slash has been one of the most iconic musicians of all time for me, since his sound has introduced me to rock and roll, starting with welcome to the jungle in 87. Sweet child o mine. His lead work has the most authentic sound I ever heard since day one and from the beginning has captured something deep inside me that I have never been able to shake, nor would I try. Slash and izzy went hand and hand with a chaotic sound that was brilliantly formed into a poetry like nothing I have ever heard. In 88 I was… Read more »

Richard W Pierce

Its just another marketing ploy. From what I understand the guitar slash plays isnt even a gibson its a custom build guitar from a luthier( who has passed away several years ago) in Nashville. So whats all this fuss about?


He’s sooo fuckin’ pathetic now!Maybe u can get a slash signature toilettpaper next year!!!Almost throw up even only i hear his name now!!!Became a fuckin’ brand froom a real rock face!!!???Such a same!But one thing for sure,he can make shit tons of money on idiots buying “his stuffs”!Pro on business for sure!!!