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Burls Art Epoxy Guitar

Burls Art Epoxy Guitar  ·  Source: Burls Art/YouTube


Burls Art has made some fascinating guitars and many have involved using epoxy resin as part of the guitar body. He has embedded coloured pencils and jaw breakers in his guitars, making instruments that are nothing if not eye catching. Almost as interesting as his guitars are the videos that record his manufacturing process. His latest effort is made of pure epoxy resin and has a unique translucent quality. 


Burls Art Epoxy Resin Guitar

If you have been living under a rock in 2019 you may just have missed out on some of the creative, madcap guitar designs from Burls Art.

They usually involve creating bodies by sealing colourful objects into epoxy resin. We have seen both Stratocaster- and Telecaster-style guitars made with coloured pencils. The last one had a Flying V body shape and involved Jaw Breaker candy!

His latest creation is a unique body shape completely made from epoxy resin. Vivid rainbow-coloured stripes run through the length of the guitar’s body. It also appears to be the first time that Burls Art has attempted to make his own guitar neck from scratch. It seems as though his guitar designs are gradually evolving and becoming more hand built with each new creation.

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Do yourself a favour and follow him on Instagram and YouTube. He has come up with some really unusual guitar designs. I’ve been impressed by his work and love watching him mastering the learning curve on each guitar as he takes on new challenges. His YouTube videos are well worth a watch.

If you build weird and wonderful guitars and have an interesting new design you would like to share with the world, please contact me here – we might feature your work in a future article!

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