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Burls Art Ocean Plastic Guitar

Burls Art Ocean Plastic Guitar  ·  Source: Instagram/Burls Art


YouTube channel and internet oddball materials guitar builder Burls Art has teamed up with 4Ocean to create this unique electric guitar made out of ocean plastic. It’s a great concept – take plastic that has been dumped into the ocean and turn it into a very special guitar.


Burls Art Guitar – made of ocean plastic waste

The body of this latest Burls Art guitar, as well as parts of the neck, are made of plastic waste that has been fished from the ocean. It is an extremely big problem that a guitar maker can certainly not solve alone, but hopefully it can inspire. At the beginning of the video, he collects garbage in the water with the association 4Ocean and then takes suitable basic material from their warehouse. The plastic is then fused in an oven into large workable blocks, this time without the need for any epoxy resin.

Ocean Size

We have seen Burls Art make guitars from Himalayan Salt, coloured pencils set in epoxy resin, and even styrofoam. But it is also good to see him using a material that was literally thrown away. Something that was a tiny part of a much larger problem, yet which will help highlight the issue.

The guitar weighs in around the 3-4kg mark, so it is a pretty hefty chunk of plastic. It is still just a drop in the ocean when you compare what the human race has dumped into the seas. It is nice to see Burls Art trying to raise awareness to the state of our world’s oceans. Hopefully this guitar will inspire people to be more aware of how their plastic waste is disposed of.



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More Information on Burls Art

Burls Art Ocean Plastic Guitar Video


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6 responses to “Burls Art makes an electric guitar out of reclaimed ocean plastic waste”

  1. Joy Samanski says:

    remarkable and smart

  2. Rick Rice says:

    Amazing and extremely cool.

  3. JP says:

    One guitar isn’t a ‘drop in the ocean’ when you compare it to the amount of plastic that the human race has dumped into the seas. It’s the equivalend of a drop in something the size of the universe.

    Is Burls Art going to work with the major manufacturers to develop the production process so it works with economies of scale?

    If not this is a completely pointless token gesture.

  4. Gilbert says:

    Great idea. Why bother wasting wood on solid body electrics anymore? Most people couldn’t hear the difference with a couple quality humbuckers or single coils.

  5. Pagan says:

    Let’s depollute our oceans!

  6. John Colee says:

    Certainly hope that this company is going to be makinenough of these to at least make a small difference. It’s truly tragic the amount of plastic that is polluting the oceans of this planet.

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