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Bursl Art Lego bass made of 2000 bricks

Bursl Art Lego bass made of 2000 bricks  ·  Source: YouTube/Burls Art

Our favourite YouTuber has reached deep into his Lego box to build the Burls Art LEGO Bass. This geometric design uses 2000 of the little plastic bricks and is super lightweight. It’s also the first time he has tackled some new challenges, including an epoxy fretboard!

Burls Art LEGO Bass

Even though this impressive LEGO Bass uses a hard maple core for stability, the ‘primary building blocks’ for this latest Burls Art design are everyone’s favourite plastic bricks, LEGO. The geometric patterns of green, yellow and black stripes really make the design pop and, I think, it is a real eyecatcher.

LEGO Veneer sealed in epoxy

LEGO Veneer sealed in epoxy

Stability & Strength

Each LEGO brick has been individually glued in place and the final LEGO veneers then set in epoxy resin for stability and strength. The hard maple core provides the added strength required to hold the neck in place firmly and mount the pickups, too.

Hard maple core sandwiched between veneers for stbility

Hard maple core sandwiched between veneers for stability

Epoxy Fretboard

For this build, Burls Art has made an epoxy resin fretboard for the first time. Also, the neck has an angled headstock, which allows the flat LEGO veneer to be applied to it. It matches nicely with the main body. The whole thing weighs just under 3.2 kg which is pretty lightweight for a bass guitar. Since Burls Art considers his creations more like works of art than ordinary instruments, he has decided to use a piezo pickup, so as not to destroy the symmetry of the geometric patterns on this build.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the way he has built this LEGO bass. It has to be one of the cleanest LEGO guitar builds I have seen to date. Check out the Burls Art LEGO bass build video below and compare it to a couple of other videos that I have added to see what I mean.

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