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Burls Art Reggae Bass

Burls Art Reggae Bass  ·  Source: YouTube/Burls Art


American maker of weird and wonderful guitars Burls Art has been quiet for a few months. Now he has produced a new in-depth video about his latest project, a Reggae Bass. Built from pencils (!) will this bass have a dub tone as heavy as lead?


Burls Art Reggae bass

Like his debut guitar, Burls Art has used pencils to make this instrument. But because he now has a lot more experience, the construction process here is a lot smoother. And the latest video is more detailed, too.

The video doesn’t mention how many pencils were used. But the end product is stunning. Burls Art used the typical Reggae colours red, yellow, green and black, arranged in a good pattern. By limiting the colour palette he has certainly made this bass stand out. in other aspects, this bass design mirrors that of a Fender Jazz Bass.

Burls Art Reggae Bass

Burls Art Reggae Bass with Black, Red, Goid and Green pencils

Skill Share

I find it interesting that this time he not only silently films and cuts the building process, but also explains the individual steps. The reason he’s giving so much more detail is that he was sponsored by the page Skillshare. Whatever – it’s cool that he’s sharing his knowledge.

Burls Art Reggae Bass

Burls Art Reggae Bass with carved out back to save on weight

Heavy Bass

His previous experiments were always challenging. His other pencil guitar weighs in at around 6 kilograms – that’s a lot. My main guitar weighs just over half of that. This reggae bass weighs much less because he has milled parts off the body back. It’ll be interesting to see how his designs will evolve in the future with further refinements.

Check out the video below to see this reggae pencil coloured bass come to life. It’s amazing.

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