Crazy new keyboard concept from Dodeka

13 Dec 2016 · Dodeka thinks music is hard, really very hard So hard they've had to invent their own system of notation and keyboard form factor. Is this nuts? (Spoiler - oh yes I think so).

Samsung buys Harman

14 Nov 2016 · The electronics giant today announced that it's buying Harman, owner of many pro audio brands. What will the acquisition mean for companies like AKG, Studer, dbx, JBL and others? Frankly, who the hell knows...

The New 2016 MacBook Pro: Smash hit or off-key?

28 Oct 2016 · Apple can't quite bring themselves to put touch on their Macbook Pro screens and so invent a less helpful way of using what is obviously working well on the iPad, Surface and hybrid computers.

New Synthesizers 2016 Quiz

08 Oct 2016 · Think you know your hardware synthesizers? Test your knowledge of the hottest releases in 2016 in our "Guess the synth" quiz!

Is Spotify about to buy Soundcloud?

29 Sep 2016 · A report in the Financial Times says that Spotify and Soundcloud are in talks about a potential buy out. How likely and how helpful is that going to be?

FXpansion acquired by ROLI

01 Sep 2016 · ROLI, makers of the Seaboard RISE, controller buy up FXpansion and commit to making beautiful music together - and support existing products (phew!)...