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Waves Brauer Motion panning plug-in

Waves BM's controls look like those of a spaceship!  ·  Source:

Waves has released a brand-new plug-in called Brauer Motion. It was designed and developed together with mixing engineer Michael Brauer, whose repertoire includes artists such as Coldplay, John Mayer, Florence & The Machine, Aretha Franklin, and Bob Dylan. Waves chose Brauer because of his ability to add “emotional movement” to the mix, and tried to turn it into a plug-in.

“Emotional movement” is the poetic way of referring to elaborate automation of vocals, reverbs, delay, panning, and other effects meant to add a lively, three-dimensional quality to a song production. Even subtle, but properly placed variations in volume, such as raising the guitars in the chorus by 1-2db, can be enough to subconsciously draw your attention to what’s going on in the song – and a catchy song is a selling song. So a plug-in like Brauer Motion can certainly come in handy when you are working on your next chart topper!

What does BM do, exactly? It’s mostly about creative panning, so other automation possibilities are left entirely up to you. There are two separate panners with four different panning modes that let you control the positioning of sound in the field. Trigger modes give you options in setting off the amount and type of panning according to tempo, input threshold, or manual settings. There’s a dynamics section with drive, ratio, High and Low-Pass controls. Waves also added an effects panel with pre-delay, “motion filter”, gain and wet/dry knobs.

A good bit of added value can be found within Brauer Motion’s presets, which are designed by top dogs in contemporary music production, such as Dave Pensado, Toni Maserati, and Mark Ralph, in addition to Michael Brauer himself. This way, you can have a practical look at how these experienced producers with hundreds of hit singles and records on their belts would approach applying this plug-in to their work. It makes for an interesting educational opportunity.

Like most Waves plug-ins, Brauer Motion is available for PC and Mac. It’s currently on sale for just $29, down from the $99 regular price. You can find more information here.

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