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Sound Particles Brightness Panner

Sound Particles Brightness Panner  ·  Source: Sound Particles, Gearnews

Sound Particles has released Brightness Panner. The plug-in moves your audio tracks around in space depending on their brightness. This opens up many creative possibilities for moving, evolving soundscapes.

Sound Particles Brightness Panner

After the success of Energy Panner, Sound Particles set out to explore other creative ways of panning. They came up with Brightness Panner, a plug-in that analyzes the frequency content of your audio tracks and pans them accordingly. This means that you can create sounds that move around in the stereo field depending on their brightness or pitch. With many ways to analyze the input signal and control the panning, Brightness Panner lets you achieve a wide range of creative motion effects. It even supports surround formats for three-dimensional effects.

Brightness Panner offers three ways to analyze the input signal and control the panning: pitch, brightness and MIDI. This means that you can pan audio signals depending on their pitches or overall frequency content, and even send MIDI notes to the plug-in to control the effect.

Panning mode lets you define a frequency/pitch range in which the panning is to take place. You can also set the start and end points of the panning effect by dragging the dots in the circular visualizer, and specify the direction of the panning. Brightness Panner also features attack and release controls that you can use to control how quickly the panner reacts to changes in the input signal.

Sliding mode moves the audio signal continuously along a user-defined trajectory, whenever the input signal is within the specified pitch or frequency range. It’s like a frequency-dependent auto panner. The speed is of course adjustable.

In the output section, Brightness Panner offers a dry/wet mix knob and a master volume control. In addition to stereo, you can choose from a wide range of surround, Ambisonics and immersive output formats, which make Brightness Panner a very interesting tool for cinematic sound designers, as well as music producers.

Price and compatibility

Sound Particles Brightness Panner is now available for an introductory price of USD 39. It’s on sale at Plugin Boutique*. After April 25, 2021, the regular price will be USD 49.

You can also get Brightness Panner bundled with Energy Panner in the Panner Collection, which is currently on sale for USD 59 (down from USD 69).

The plug-in requires macOS 10.11 or higher or Windows 10 or higher. It’s available in AU, AUv3, VST, VST3 and AAX formats.

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2 responses to “Sound Particles Brightness Panner is a frequency-dependent motion effect”

  1. Scott L Hines says:

    I have been disappointed with this company so far today since purchasing this package. They fail to tell you anywhere in their installation instructions that the VOUCHER CODE doesn’t really exist. It’s your serial number. I tried that out of desperation and luckily it worked. Second, I selected a Mac/ Apple download and I think I got a Windows download. None of their download/installation instructions are applicable to the download I received. I have now sent two support requests to the company and hopefully someday I receive a response. I’m not normally inept at installation for products that I purchase, but this has been a very unfortunate experience.

    • Scott L Hines says:

      I am PLEASED to report that after a number of email exchanges, the company helped me get things working. Somehow the wrong file had been downloaded. Eventually the correct file downloaded and all is well again. Many thanks to the company. I am now a very happy customer.

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