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Learning Music with Ableton

Ableton is worried that your new year's resolution to learn music isn't going to plan.  ·  Source:

Music education is a noble endeavor and a big business in its own right, so it’s no wonder that makers of DAWs like Ableton are jumping on it. Get them in early and they won’t look anywhere else for a good few years to come! New DAWs like Soundbridge are designed around music education at their very core. We’re seeing very interesting developments in the field.

Ableton is still Ableton, though. After dedicating a book to the joy and frustration of making computer-based music, the Berlin-based company’s next move is a new website. Called Learning Music, it offers a series of short tutorials that demonstrate concepts taken straight out of Ableton Live’s clips-based workflow with some light music theory served on the side. The website is well thought-out, breaking down the information into bite-sized interactive pieces so the process is never dull.

Of course, Ableton’s aim is to show you the very basics and give you an informal greeting with Live. The website won’t really help you learn practical music production skills, while music theory is a separate discipline altogether. If you really want to get into this, leave your life at the door, then check out the various online schools and the wealth of knowledge available on YouTube. Choose your dojo and get down with it.

As for music theory, it is essential if you really want to know what you’re doing. So either find a local teacher you can actually stand, or get the Music Theory for Complete Idiots book. Unless you want to play super spazzed-out jazz fusion on a four-neck guitar, you’ll learn enough to last you a whole career. Get learnin’ with Ableton right here.

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