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Line 6 Echo Farm

Line 6 Echo Farm 3.0 lives to die another day.  ·  Source:

Line 6 Echo Farm 3.0

Line 6 Echo Farm 3.0 - user interface  ·  Source:

Line 6’s Echo Farm 3.0 is finally available on Windows, in 64-bit AAX format. When it comes to music gear, no sales driver is as huge as nostalgia at the moment. And, believe it or not, there is absolutely such a thing as “vintage software”! Ask anyone still keeping around a PowerMac so they can run some obscure 90s plug-in they could never let go of. Heck, you can probably find someone on the internet still composing on an Atari ST with Notator.

Early music software is no less cult than any old Lexicon or Bricasti hardware unit out there, but few companies seem willing to look back and dust off a classic. Not Line 6, though.The company has a rich history in digital, and one piece of it is the EchoFarm plug-in – an effect exclusively for ProTools that first appeared in the early 2000s, back when PT ran on DigiDesign DSP cards. The plug-in space wasn’t as deeply and thoroughly saturated as it is now, and Line 6’s convincing simulations of classic delay and echo effects won over many producers.

Like many plug-ins before and after it, Echo Farm was eventually abandoned in favour of bigger, supposedly better things. Yet, customers kept asking AVID and Line 6 what the heck happened to it. Line 6 set aside some development resources and behold, it re-released Echo Farm for modern 64-bit ProTools systems this year, old-school interface and all. Apparently, the mean green machine is still relevant after all these years, otherwise Line 6 wouldn’t have bothered. Hopefully, it won’t go as far with the vintage stuff bug as re-releasing the original POD, though. The red bean had its place in history. Let’s leave it there!

If you feel like basking in some vintage plug-in warmth, head over to Line 6’s for more information. Be prepared to shell out 200 USD / 178 EUR / 157 GBP unless you own Echo Farm 2, in which case you’re eligible for a 50 USD / 45 EUR / 39 GBP upgrade. Notably, EF 3.0 is session-compatible with projects containing Echo Farm 1.0 and 2.0 tracks. So go ahead and partake in those old ProTools sessions once more!

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