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Endless Smile plug-in by Dada Life

Will Endless Smile make you go from this...  ·  Source:

Endless Smile plug-in by Dada Life

... to this?  ·  Source:

Do your build-ups lack that all-important tension? Is the crowd at your show stuck limp and lifeless, blank expressions on their faces as you are about to transition to that all-important drop? Don’t uninstall Ableton in anger (you’ll end up re-installing the whole thing again and it’s a freaking chore). Swedish duo Dada Life has just the thing to help. And you can trust them. After all, they made Sausage Fattener! Nothing can grease up a track quite like it.

Dada’s new ridiculous-until-you-actually-use-it plug-in is called the Endless Smile. It’s kind of difficult to describe its mode of operation, but we’ll try just because. It looks like Endless Smile mixes in a pre-made build-up loop with your signal, while simultaneously applying a “secret” combination of filtering, phasing, distortion, LFOs, reverbs, and audio displacement effects like stretching and delay. As a result, any audio material will start resembling a dance drop the more you twist the plug-in’s single dial to the right. It even goes up to 110% for maximum intensity!

While such a mechanism of operation may sound limited, the plug-in definitely has its creative use. If you are a fan of sound mangling, you can get quite diabolical noises out of the Smile and some effects added on top. Sausage Fattener, for example. Moreover, the user manual contains some pretty nifty suggestions for possible uses. Which is no wonder – it’s written by expert producers, so you can treat it as a bit of bonus production knowledge from Dada Life. There are also eight presets, whose sounds you can explore and tweak to taste.

Overall, Endless Smile is a remarkably fun plug-in. Unfortunately, the $39 price tag might be a little steep for what’s clearly a novelty tool. But we’re pretty sure the plug-in will find its faithful audience. More information is available here.

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