Tracktion 7

Fully fledged DAW Tracktion 7 is now free

15 Aug 2018 · Tracktion Corporation has announced that Tracktion 7 is now completely free. Unlimited tracks, VST support, vocal comping and step sequencing it has everything you need to produce music on MacOS, Windows or ...

BioTek Sound Designer Edition released

24 Aug 2016 · Tracktion reveal the inner workings of their organic synthesizer in this Sound Designers Edition of BioTek. Apparently it can create new life...
Tracktion T5 DAW Screenshot

Tracktion T5 is now FREE!

24 Jul 2016 · The fully-fledged T5 DAW from Tracktion is now free! For this weekend only, the free download also qualifies you for the cheap upgrade to their T7 DAW.