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Tracktion DAW Essentials Equaliser

Tracktion DAW Essentials Equaliser  ·  Source:

Tracktion DAW Essentials Reverber8

Tracktion DAW Essentials Reverber8  ·  Source:

Tracktion DAW Essentials Compressor

Tracktion DAW Essentials Compressor  ·  Source:

Tracktion DAW Essentials Delay Studio

Tracktion DAW Essentials Delay Studio  ·  Source:

Tracktion DAW Essentials Auto-Filter

Tracktion DAW Essentials Auto-Filter  ·  Source:

Tracktion DAW Essentials Crossover

Tracktion DAW Essentials Crossover  ·  Source:


Tracktion Corporation have released a bundle of plug-ins for everybody. The DAW Essentials Collection features 16 plug-in effects for AAX, AU, VST and Linux VST. They claim to sound awesome while being very light on your CPU.


DAW Essentials Collection

The bundle of effects includes everything you’d expect from a pack of “essentials”. There’s EQ, compression, reverb, some delays, a crossover, limiter, gate/expander, ducker, crusher, a handful of modulation and a filter. Exactly the sort of thing most DAWs would have by default. So why would we need these?

Well, they say that these are top notch, high quality, featuring advanced algorithms with an emphasis on sound quality and ease of use. That’s fair enough, we do expect to pay a bit more for a higher quality sound. But then Tracktion’s James Woodburn says something really interesting:


You want to be able to jump around from one host to another when working creatively.

And that’s very true. When you use the default plug-ins built into your DAW they tend to be non-transferrable. So if you moved to a different DAW – I often move from StudioOne to Ableton Live and back again – you’d have to use a whole bunch of different basic plug-ins. With the DAW Essential Collection you could use the same basic, vital and every-day plug-ins in whatever DAW you’re using. That’s pretty cool.

They might not be the most exciting or innovative collection of effects but they are the workhorse ones that you’ll always be using. They do appear to be very capable and they all look pretty great as well. Clear and well presented. The EQ and Reverber8, in particular, look fabulous. Check out the website for the full details of each plug-in and you can also download a trial version.

The DAW Essentials Collection is available now for $99. More information on the Tracktion website.

Tracktion DAW Essentials Collection

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