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Tracktion LoFreq

Tracktion LoFreq  ·  Source: Tracktion

Tracktion RetroMod range

Tracktion RetroMod range  ·  Source: Tracktion

Tracktion’s RetroMod synth based virtual instruments have been interesting in that they’ve sampled the unusual as well as the obvious suspects. In two new instruments LoFreq-C (classic) and LoFreq-M (modern) you’ll find all the classics taken care of but you will never guess what they’ve sampled for the “Modern” one.


But let’s start with the classic range. You’ve got all your favourites, the SEM, CS-30, Arp, MS-20, SH-2, SH-101, TB-303 but then some more unusual ones start to creep in like the Realistic MG-1, CMU-810, Doepfer MS-404 and Novation Bass Station II. The instrument comes with 13,500 samples totalling 3.4GB and 358 presets.

Here are some patch examples:


So when it comes to modern synthesizers to sample Tracktion have gone straight for surely the most ironic choice – the Behringer Model D. It’s genius really when you think about it. They also captured the IK Multimedia UNO, the Dreadbox Hades and the Arturia MiniBrute. All of them decidedly recent. The other choices are no less eclectic. We have the Eowave Magma, DSI Evolver, DSTEC Original Syn, MFB Synth II and Vermona Mono Lancet. And as if in a moment of sanity there’s the Waldorf Pulse and Pulse 2. It’s such an interesting selection. I don’t think there’s anything else out there quite like it. This time it’s 12,000 samples in 4.6GB and 323 presets.

As with all the RetroMod instruments it comes with a simple interface for tweaking, an additional filter and a second oscillator to beef up the sound. An XY pad lets you control a number of parameters and bring the colour. You can pull off up to 16 voices and feed it all through the arpeggiator for pulsing rhythms and instant melodies.

I think these are quite brilliant. Covering a very different range of sonic possibilities than most virtual instruments they will give you every opportunity to stand out from the usual synth sounds. $79 each.

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