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BioTek Macro

BioTek Macro  ·  Source: screenshot

BioTek Modulation Matrix

BioTek Modulation Matrix  ·  Source: screenshot

BioTek Filter

BioTek Filter  ·  Source: screen shot

BioTek Oscillator

BioTek Oscillator  ·  Source: screenshot


Tracktion Corporation released their BioTek organic synth at the beginning of the year. It has a fascinating user interface that gives morphing control over the strange and intriguing sound library. I always felt that the depth of editing and control was a little on the shallow side – until today.


BioTek Sound Designer Edition

The company has now opened up BioTek to let you get your hands on all the sound generation loveliness. It’s like you can now peel back the layers and get sticky with the fleshy part of this synth and get your creative juices flowing.

They call the internals the “Acktion! Engine” which requires the use of an exclamation mark at all times. The new editor pages contain all the modifiers and modulation possibilities. There are 4 oscillators to play with per sound layer and each layer can draw from multiple forms of synthesis. There’s FM, virtual analogue, sample based and Karplus-Strong physical modelling. With unlimited sound layers per patch there’s plenty of room for some intensely complex sounds.

Give birth to sound

Apparently there are 200 modulation routes and 32 modifier routes performing mathematical functions on the modulation sources. There are 8 unique “Flow” LFO’s each with 8 parallel syncable sub LFOs on every sound layer. The Tracktion Corporation necromancers believe it is possible “to program ‘life’, and organic randomness, into your sounds”. Groovy.

Every parameter can be assigned to the front panel macro tree thing giving a great deal of expressive potential. The GUI is very touchable and so works great with a touch screen, Surface or tablet. As with the original front page the editor pages are beautiful. Behind the oscillator controls a waveform displays the changes you make and there’s so much behind the scenes that you can perhaps understand why they didn’t give access to it all straight away. The parameters assigned to the LFO’s are not animated, which is slightly disappointing. You can hear the change but you don’t see the control move and I’m surprised that in an otherwise gorgeous and animated interface this is not implemented.

Tracktion BioTek 1.5 Sound Designer Edition is available now for USD $150 or free to existing users.

More information can be found on the Tracktion Corporation website.


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