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Tracktion BioTek 2

Tracktion BioTek 2  ·  Source: Tracktion

Tracktion BioTek 2

Tracktion BioTek 2  ·  Source: Robin Vincent

Tracktion BioTek 2 oscillators

Tracktion BioTek 2 oscillators  ·  Source: Robin Vincent

Tracktion BioTek 2 (left) comparison

Tracktion BioTek 2 (left) comparison  ·  Source: Robin Vincent

Tracktion BioTek 2 (left) comparison

Tracktion BioTek 2 (left) comparison  ·  Source: Robin Vincent

Tracktion’s BioTek organic synthesizer is one of the more creative and inventive software instruments to arrive in recent times. They have just announced that the organism has evolved to a second age and a public beta is available to play with right now.

BioTek 2

Feed the animal to experience its organic soundscapes. Use the wild layer synthesis engine to morph your sounds in real time. Program organic randomness into your sounds, creating life limited only by your imagination.

I’m really digging the whole BioTek vibe. It has a playful interface that hides a multitude of complex layers of synthesis and fiddling potential. Version 2 looks to expand the sound palette with two new oscillators. The Spinal SAW seems to be all about the “clusters” and they give you the world of granular oscillators to explore.

The interface has had a minor overhaul, returning to a slightly 3D look rather than the original flat style. It somehow manages to calm down the sometimes overwhelming amounts of data being displayed. Otherwise, the facilities within the instrument, the oscillator controls, filter, amp, effects, arpeggiator and modulation matrix appear to be roughly the same.

In version 2 they are bringing in a bunch of curated presets including over 100 from Richard Devine. In the beta version you get a handful to play with and they are certainly interesting.

The beautiful organic/mechanic hybrid XY pad makes BioTek wonderfully playful. I’m a little disappointed that this hasn’t evolved at all in the new version. I guess it could be a matter of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, but it is identical to the original and I would like to see their inventiveness develop and give us something more. But this is the beta version so there’s still time for some tweaks.

If you’ve never tried or come across BioTek then I can heartily recommend giving it a go. BioTek is usually $159, but according to the announcement existing users can upgrade to version 2 for $99.

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