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Joyo R 12 Band Controller

Joyo R 12 Band Controller  ·  Source: Joyo

Joyo introduces R 12 Band Controller 10-band graphic EQ pedal

Joyo introduces R 12 Band Controller 10-band graphic EQ pedal  ·  Source: Joyo/YouTube


What will Joyo release next? Its R-Series of low-cost pedals has already seen a modulation pedal, a Dumble tones pedal, an overdrive, a delay/looper, a cab IR loader as well as a few other bits and pieces – and that’s just since the end of last year! The latest Joyo R-Series pedal is the new Band Controller, which should have more than enough range to cover guitar, bass and extended range instruments too.


Band Controller

This new 10-band graphic EQ is called the R-12 Band Controller. It’s designed to help you sculpt the tone of your instrument. The 10 separate LED-illuminated sliders should make this easy to set up. They cover the range from 31.25Hz to 16Hz, catering for extended range instruments and bass guitars as well.

Joyo introduces R 12 Band Controller - 10-band graphic EQ pedal

Joyo introduces R 12 Band Controller – 10-band graphic EQ pedal

The perfect live tool?

I think the humble graphic EQ is often overlooked. That’s a shame, as it gives you a lot of control over your input signal. You can combine it with your favourite fuzz or distortion pedal to slice out or boost the frequencies you want.

You can also use them in your fx loop with your delay, to cut out booming frequencies and control your repeats when playing live. This will stop your live mix getting too muddy and bass heavy, making it easier for your audience to hear your delayed guitar tone repeats.

This new Joyo pedal is also extremely cheap for what you are getting, and includes an independent volume slider.  You also get Joyo’s ambience light, which can be set to stay on all the time or only on when the pedal is engaged. That makes this graphic EQ great for stage work.


It is powered by 9-Volt centre negative supply and does not run from a battery. But if you use a pedalboard chances are you’ll be using an external power supply anyway. If this pedal is quiet in operation and does what it says, then I’ll be buying one, as this is a cheap, useful tool.

RRP – USD 89 / EUR 88

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  • Joyo introduces R 12 Band Controller - 10-band graphic EQ pedal: Joyo
Joyo R 12 Band Controller

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3 responses to “Joyo introduces R-12 Band Controller, a 10-band graphic EQ pedal”

    Manfred Knauthe says:

    Knocking the ball out of the Park? With a copy of a seasoned MXR classic? You guys should work for the Trump administration….

      Jef says:

      As a whole the R Series is great, we aren’t talking about just the Band Controller with that initial statement. The whole series has a great range of pedals, I get that the MXR brand which is now owned by Dunlop is a well known EQ. This one is almost a clone, but not quite, as the MXR has a Gain control and dual outs. The Joyo should be a fair bit cheaper as well, so for those on a budget it could be perfect, plus I like their ambient lighting feature. But honestly, as I said in the article it will all come down to how quietly it operates, which we are yet to hear in the real world.

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