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Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb

Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb  ·  Source: Joyo


The JF-20 Moist Reverb pedal from Joyo uses a 32-bit DSP chip and offers three different reverb modes. You have the option of studio, church and plate reverbs. But could the Joyo be a handy addition to your pedalboard?


Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb

This light blue JF-20 Moist Reverb pedal from Joyo has studio, church and plate modes that are accessible via a mini-toggle, along with knobs for mix, tone and decay. So it should be super easy to operate. The pedal has a true-bypass footswitch and can be powered by an external 9V DC power supply.

Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb

Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb

Clean and Moist?

As a digital reverb, it has a pretty clean sound which some may find too clinical, but others might love. Also, its unfortunate name may possibly be a little off-putting for some and turn potential buyers away, though it isn’t exactly a deal-breaker.

I suppose the main selling point will be the quality of that 32-bit DSP chip that Joyo is using, how well the pedal is made, and, of course, how much it costs. If the pedal is rugged enough, and you like the way it sounds, it could be a handy addition to your pedalboard, if you are looking to add a bit of reverb to your setup.

The pedal may be perfect for someone like me, who doesn’t use a lot of reverb live, but likes a touch of the effect to make my guitar sound sit in a band mix. I just doubt it will be ideal for anyone needing something more expansive, or experimental.

You can hear the new Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb in action in the demo video below.


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Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb Demo Video


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6 responses to “Joyo JF-20 Moist Reverb: A 32-bit DSP pedal with an unfortunate name”

  1. Bob says:

    “Also, its unfortunate name may possibly be a little off-putting for some and turn potential buyers away, though it isn’t exactly a deal-breaker.”

    OH NOES! Someone got offended with the word “moist”. Wonder if such person fainted when the PUSSY MELTER was anounced. Or – heaven forbid – ever looking at a BIG MUFF!

  2. pfrf says:

    Calm down, Bob, no one is offended, and no one said they were. Don’t be triggered, “off-putting” just means unpleasant, like a bad smell.

    Moist is an ugly word. It doesn’t bring up images of caves or oceans or wind or space like most reverb pedal names. A Moist pedal sounds like it will give you foot fungus if you step on it.

    No hidden political agenda, it’s just a stupid name.

  3. Jef says:

    Think Bob is getting triggered by the subtle nuances of the English language. PMSL!

    Moist is pretty damp, and not that wet, so for a reverb name, it is a little underwhelming.

    • Bob says:

      Well aren’t you a treat. It wasn’t me who said the name is off puting. I’m pretty cool with it. I don’t go around having panic attacks because of a word. Only triggered snowflakes who need a safe space would care about what name they gave it. SMH. Probably the same idiots who got offended by Pussy Melter.

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