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Joyo Atmosphere R14 reverb pedal

Joyo Atmosphere R14 reverb pedal  ·  Source: Joyo


As a guitarist, you can never have enough effects. All the better, if they don’t cost the earth. The R-14 Atmosphere is the latest in Joyo’s R series of low-cost effect pedals, coming after the recent R-12 Band Controller EQ, the R-09 Vision mod effect and the R-05 Maximum, a dual-channel overdrive. In by now familiar R-series style, the pedal adds a lot of sounds at a low price. This time Joyo is tackling reverb, that ubiquitous effect used by guitarists in all sorts of genres. Can the R-14 carry on the R series legacy of cheap, cheerful and useful effect pedals?


Joyo R-14 Atmosphere

The reverb modes on offer include Plate, Church, Spring, Eko-Verb, Shimmer, Comet, Rewind, Forest and Pulse. That’s a lot of options given the price point. Eko-Verb has nothing to do with the rapper Eko-Fresh, but is a combination of echo and repeat. Comet is supposed to summon a kind of orbit between guitar and amp, while Rewind is a tape-like backward delay. Forest is like sunbathing in a forest, apparently, and Pulses is a fluttering reverb effect. My advice would be to listen to the demo video below, as descriptions of reverbs can be misleading at the best of times.

The controls are relatively standard, but there are a few peculiarities: Mix, Decay and the Reverb mode large, as usual. You don’t always see Tone controls and an additional mod-controller on reverb pedals in this price class. But they’ve been made significantly smaller and might be a little fiddly to use.

Joyo Atmosphere R14 reverb pedal

Joyo Atmosphere R14 reverb pedal


The mod-controller adds another layer of functionality to the R-14. It sets modulation for each effect. For example, it will set how strongly the Flutter or Shimmer parameters act on your sound. The position of the Trails switch is under the controls and pretty close to the footswitch. You’ll need to be careful not to knacker it with an overzealous stomp. But other than this minor complaint, the layout seems functional. All in all, this pedal is a good proposition as it’s rich in controls, given the price.

The new Joyo Atmosphere R14 reverb pedal is due out in November and I think the pricing is pretty spot on for what you are getting.

RRP – EUR 89

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Joyo Atmosphere R14 reverb pedal

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