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Samsung buys Harman

14 Nov 2016 in
The electronics giant today announced that it's buying Harman, owner of many pro audio brands. What will the acquisition mean for companies like AKG, Studer, dbx, JBL and others? Frankly, who the hell knows...

New Effect Pedals 2016 Quiz

12 Nov 2016 in
Fond of your fuzz and passionate about pedals? Find out if you've been paying attention to the hottest effect pedal releases in 2016 with our new quiz!

New Guitar Amps 2016 Quiz

05 Nov 2016 in
All year, our resident amp expert Jef Stone has been feeding you the latest news on the hottest amps, from 50s-style reissue Blues combos to 200-Watt Hair Metal monsters. Have you been paying attention?

New Guitars 2016 GearQuiz

22 Oct 2016 in
There are people who play guitar. And then there are full-blooded guitarists who know their 2016 releases like the backs of their hands. Which are you?

New Synthesizers 2016 Quiz

08 Oct 2016 in
Think you know your hardware synthesizers? Test your knowledge of the hottest releases in 2016 in our "Guess the synth" quiz!