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knex vinyl diy record player

Build your own DIY Knex Record Player!  ·  Source: YouTube / jgoldbla

So you’ve invited some people over to your house for a bit of a weekend bash, organised a DJ, borrowed CD players and a mixer. And then someone turns up with a stack of vinyl under their arm – vinyl? Analogue? The last record player you saw was in a garage sale at your granddad’s a decade ago, he had to give it away! Where to get one on short notice? Build yourself one! Get the box of Lego from the attic and get to work. Peter, a contributor to our German sister site, trawled YouTube and found four How To guides to making your own record player…

My first Lego Turntable

The big problem here is keeping the needle in the groove despite the fact that it’s wobbling around like an egg rolling down a hill… Anti-skating system, anyone?

Knex statt Lego

The next one looks a bit like a treehouse on stilts. It uses Knex, which you can also use to build yourself a mini-rollercoaster! Motor-powered, this one doesn’t look all that stable…


The builders of this model have drawn some inspiration from an old gramophone, powered by hand crank. It even sports a hand-rolled sounding trumpet!

Paper Cut Outs

Another gramophone style player, but this one is for those on a very, very tight budget. You’ll find the cartons you need near the paper recycling bins in front of your local supermarket. It hekps if you can draw a bit and can wield a pair of scissors without causing yourself any major injuries. You’ll also need a box cutter and a razorblade…

Not exactly easy on the vinyl, these “kits”, so I wouldn’t put that ultra-rare record from your uncle’s Krautrock collection on any of these. But it’s the weekend, so time to get DIY-ing…

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