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UAD 9.1 SSL 4000 E Channel Strip

UAD 9.1 SSL 4000 E Channel Strip  ·  Source: Screenshot, Claudius/Gearnews

UAD 9.1 Moog Multimode Filter Collection

UAD 9.1 Moog Multimode Filter Collection  ·  Source: Screenshot, Claudius/Gearnews

UAD 9.1 Moog Multimode Filter Collection

UAD 9.1 Moog Multimode Filter Collection  ·  Source: Screenshot, Claudius/Gearnews

UAD 9.1 Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50

UAD 9.1 Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50  ·  Source: Screenshot, Claudius/Gearnews

Universal Audio have cooked up an interesting range of new and updated plug-ins for version 9.1 servicing its UAD-2 and Apollo products. Although there’s some technical refinements here in the form of full support for OSX Sierra and extended Windows 10 and Console 2 support, the real meat to this release is a genuinely exciting but pricey set of new and updated plug-ins.

Moog Multimode Filter Collection

This one will no doubt have come as a positive surprise for many. Building on the original Moog filter plug-in, the new Moog Multimode Filter XL includes both classic and modern filter types, “borrowing” from a number of Moog designs. This emulation has “nailed” the character of the long-renowned Moog filter, apparently. There’s a range of additions here, including an additional LFO, filter types that include Low, High and Band Pass as well as a 16-step sequencer with four assignable lanes.

Not cheap, though, at EUR 249, but the old Legacy version is included, as is a DSP-friendly SE version.

SSL 4000 E Channel Strip Collection

As with the Moog Filter, this is an improved version of an existing product, namely the old E channel plug-in, with the Legacy version being included in the update bundle. There have been some GUI upgrades, as well as some new features, including control over input level, a filter and a VU meter with Hold function. UA are keen to tell us all about the “end-to-end” emulation of the Jensen input transformers, the dbx VCA output section, and so on. I’m sure it will sound the business. The collection costs EUR 299, while an update from the Legacy version will set you back EUR 149.

OTO Biscuit 8-Bit Bitcrusher

A bit crusher for UAD. An interesting addition, I thought, to have a sound-mangling and destruction tool next to fine, subtle tools like the SSL 4000 E emulation. This emulates OTO’s now discontinued Biscuit hardware. The bit reduction and distortion will dutifully annihilate your audio material, but they’re also highlighting more subtle uses to thicken up signals or add some new life to your tracks. A Step filter, delay and pitch shifter are also included. The EUR 249 asking price seems quite a lot to me, but way less than the hardware version which cost around EUR 520.

Fuchs Overdrive

The Fuchs Overdrive Supreme 50 is itself modelled on a Dumble amp, and the UAD version of the Fuchs unit is offered here as a virtual top with cab IRs and a delay effect. Dumble Amps, of course, have been held up by some as the Holy Grail of amp tone, and for some tone fiends this plug-in will be of great interest. Nice to see that the Unison impedance-matching technology is supported here for Apollo users,

RRP is EUR 149, making this the cheapest of the new plugs, but certainly in the boutique price range for one virtual amp effect.

Brainworx bx_subsynth

Only recently introduced a few weeks previously by Brainworx as a stand-alone plug-in, it’s now available on the UAD DSP platform. It’s inspired by the venerable dbx 120XP and lets you add some serious low end to your audio. Doesn’t look like there’s anything different about the DSP version, and the price of EUR 149 is the same, too.

MacOS und Windows 10

After installing 9.1, Apollo Thunderbolt users on Windows 10 can cascade up to four interfaces, while Apollo Firewire is now multi-unit-mode-ready with Console 2. Mac OS Sierra is now also fully supported.

Price and Availability

The update is now available as a free download via your Universal Audio user account. The plug-ins, of course, will cost you extra. The download requires 2.56 GB free disc space.

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