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FKFX Obvious Filter

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FKFX is a team of two developers with decades of experience creating for the likes of Ohmforce, FXPansion, and Devine Machine. They are going with the atypical, but established model of offering their plug-ins for free in exchange for support through Patreon. Their first release is Obvious Filter, a morphing filter sequencer which filters and transforms audio into rhytmic sequences.

FKFX Obvious Filter

Obvious Filter features ten filter types, including emulations of analog circuits. There are low and high pass filters, band pass, notch and peak filters. An envelope follower is also in the feature set. You can control the morph sequencer from the morph editor which lets you draw various modulation shapes yourself. The editor also enables polyrhythmic rates and four randomize functions.

The modulation matrix is deep with 33 destinations and MIDI input modulators. Three morphing modes (Immediate, Morph and Linear) bring even more momentum to your sounds. Things can get complex really quick, but the plug-in includes 128 presets to get you started and familiar with the possibilities.

Obvious Filter is some powerful stuff! Let’s hope this Patreon thing works out for FKFX.

Obvious Filter editor

Obvious Filter editor

Free on Patreon

As mentioned, Obvious Filters is completely free. You can download it from FKFX’s Patreon page here. Should you decide to support the developers via monthly donations, you can subscribe in three tiers – starting at USD 3 (+ Tax) and going up to USD 12 (+ Tax) a month. The developers are open to feature requests and feedback from Patreon subscribers, which is very good. Subscribing also gets you support, extra preset packs, and early access to new plug-ins among other stuff.


FKFX Obvious Filter is available in VST3 and AU formats for computers running macOS 10.11 or later and Windows 10. You have to enter your email to activate the plug-in – it’s still free, of course.

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