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Novation V-Station Plugin Instrument Synthesizer GUI

60% off until 31st March 2017: Novation V-Station  ·  Source: Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique are currently running a hefty 60% discount on the V-Station, a virtual version of Novation’s K-Station hardware synth. Pricing is reduced to €22.94 until 31st March.


While the GUI is obviously strongly reminiscent of Novation’s synth, the sound engine also has the same 3 oscillator configuration. Noise and FM modules are available, too. It’s 8-voice polyphonic and has a decent set of FX, including reverb, phaser, chorus, delay, panning and distortion.

V-Station is available as a VSTi (PC/Mac) and AU instrument (Mac). Not the most up-to-the-minute of modules, this, but I always liked the K-Station as it was easy to set up decent sounds and compact enough to transport to gigs at smaller venues.

Get yourself over here for more details.




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