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JSART2 Joe Satriani Ibanez Signature Guitar Hand Illustrated

Yes, well.  ·  Source: Ibanez

JSART2 Joe Satriani Ibanez Signature Guitar Hand Illustrated

Quite like this one, actually...  ·  Source: Ibanez

JSART2 Joe Satriani Ibanez Signature Guitar Hand Illustrated

Hmm.  ·  Source: Ibanez

Rock guitar legend Joe Satriani has again teamed up with Ibanez to produce a limited run of hand-decorated guitars. Each one features an “artwork” by the man himself, done in felt tip. The production run – dubbed JSART2 – is limited to 30 instruments, which Ibanez say will be available through selected US dealers.

The guitars are white-bodied, but not identical with Joe’s white JS140 signature guitar currently sold by Ibanez. Although both feature a maple neck and basswood body, the hardware has been altered. The JSART2 models have a ceramic Satch Track loaded at the neck position, and a Mo’ Joe Alnico pickup for the bridge. Just in case you were planning on actually playing it.

It’s not the first time Satch and Ibanez have collaborated in this way. Last year saw the release of JS25ART, a collection of 50 instruments celebrating 25 years of JS signature models through Ibanez. Those instruments had black bodies, and arguably more interesting visually.

Art taste is, shall we say, highly individual. If you’re into trippy, comic-inspired art, and are devoted to Satch and his instruments, these designs may tickle your fancy. I like two of the more abstract ones, but those featuring a squiggly cartoon person are more like poorly executed doodles. The designs have nothing to with genuine comic, poop-inspired art drawn by a talented artist. They just happen to be drawn by a famous musician. But they’ll all sell through promptly, I expect.

Price: Expect to pay around GBP 5,799, or around USD 6,000.

More Information: Check out Ibanez’s dedicated JSART2 website

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