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Ibanez JS2480 Joe Satriani signature model in Muscle Car Red and Sustainiac System

Ibanez JS2480 Joe Satriani signature model in Muscle Car Red and Sustainiac System  ·  Source: Ibanez


The new Ibanez JS2480 Joe Satriani signature model will literally sustain forever as it contains a Sustainiac pickup. Combined with a hot Muscle Car Red finish for 2017, this guitar has piqued out interest. 



Satriani’s latest signature model is loaded with a Sustainiac pickup system in the neck position and a DiMarzio Satchur8 humbucking bridge pickup. This combination should give you all those tones we associate with Joe. Plus: infinite sustain.

Sustainiac systems work in a similar fashion to an E Bow, with a magnetic field to make the guitar strings vibrate. When engaged, your notes will just keep on sustaining. The Sustainiac also works as a regular pickup when the sustain mode isn’t engaged, too.

Ibanez JS2480 Joe Satriani Sustainiac System

Ibanez JS2480 Joe Satriani Sustainiac System requires a battery which goes in the rear. · Source: Ibanez

I have a similar system in one of my own guitars and use it a lot when recording if I want to get-over-the top guitar tones with huge sustain, crazy dive bombing or psychedelic infinite lead lines. Sustainers are a lot of fun and take the instrument onto another plane. The Sustainiac System in Joe’s guitars also has a push/pull coil-splitting and a highpass filter, so you have a lot of tonal variety on hand.

Muscle Car Red Ibanez JS2480 Joe Satriani

Ibanez JS2480 Joe Satriani Signature model in Muscle Car Red · Source: Ibanez

Surfing With The Alien

Satriani is known for his high-performance guitar playing, which means he requires a guitar that can take a lot of abuse, is easy to play and has great upper fret access. This signature model seems to deliver on all these requirements. Be prepared to have a lot of fun playing on that 3-piece maple/bubinga neck. The 6105 frets have the Prestige edge treatment and should be perfect, no sharp edges or dead spots.

Joe favours a basswood body for its fantasic tonal qualities and the JS2480 is finished in what I think is a great-looking Muscle Car Red finish. It also features the Ibanez Edge tremolo system, which is wonderful to use and employs an Ultralite tremolo arm. These arms are essentially carbon fibre and super-lightweight, letting you pull off all sorts of guitar warbles.

This is a high-performance guitar and that I think has had lots of thought put into it. With all Mr Satriani’s constant gigging, live performances and studio workouts, expect an exceptional guitar. It’s certainly not cheap, but the overall package looks pretty sweet. I can see these being very popular indeed.

RRP USD 3,733

Ibanez Joe Satriani JS2480 product page

Ibanez JS2480 Joe Satriani signature model in Muscle Car Red and Sustainiac System

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