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Arturia Matrixbrute review BLAWAN

Arturia's Matrixbrute reviewed  ·  Source: Telekom Electronic Beats/Bonedo

Arturia Matrixbrute review BLAWAN

Arturia Matrixbrute reviewed by BLAWAN  ·  Source: Telekom Electronic Beats/Bonedo

One thing can safely be said of the Matrixbrute: it is currently one of the most talked-about synths around. It gets its name from the preset, modulation and sequencer matrix that is the focal point of its control surface. Matrixbrute is an obvious candidate for all those looking for an analogue monophonic synthesizer that offers more than just the standard array of options.

Electronic music producer BLAWAN has teamed up with Telekom Electronic Beats and Bonedo, a German-language music tech site, to produce a new video in which he takes the Matrixbrute through its paces. What’s refreshing is his honesty. In this industry we’re often faced with videos and “reports” full of hyperbole that praise gear to the skies, but without much objectivity. This one is different. BLAWAN has a lot of good things to say about the synth, but doesn’t shy away from naming his pet niggles, namely the quality of the analogue effects and the unit’s weight.

But those minor points aside, he seems very impressed. And he should be, given the MSRP of EUR 2000!

So grab yourself a tea, coffee or a beer, put on some good headphones and dive into the world of the Matrixbrute:


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