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Piano Producer

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Piano Producer is an online service that will turn your MIDI files into professional quality piano performances. Create your piano track with your keyboard controller or sequencer and then upload the MIDI file. Within 48 hours you’ll have a fully rendered, polished recording of your performance on the piano of your choice. It’s an interesting idea.


Piano Producer

So, they essentially take your MIDI file and pump it through some high-end sampled pianos. In some ways you could do the same thing by buying into some of the very detailed sampled piano instruments that are available. Piano Producer is attempting to offer a little bit more than that. It’s run by session pianist Craig Richards who has been working with acoustic and sampled pianos for many years. He will bring his expertise to bear on the process by reviewing and optimising the MIDI file. He’ll check the suitability of the chosen piano and then apply processes to achieve the most natural sound possible. The end result will then be available in two versions, one dry and one processed.


There are 10 available pianos covering three categories – Concert, Studio and Character. It’s quite interesting checking out the sounds on the website. They’ve run the same MIDI file through each piano and the differences are really remarkable. In total there are 4 Steinway’s, a Bosendorfer, 2 Yamaha C7s, a Kawai Studio Grand, an old German grand and an aging upright. The idea being that not all types of piano are suitable for all types of music.


Worth it?

The question really is whether the sounds created by Piano Producer are going to be better than the sounds you can render in your Kontakt instruments, or dedicated virtual piano. I’m also reminded of the new Roland Cloud service where you pay a subscription to get access to an enormously detailed TeraByte Piano. You play on a slimmed down local version and then your performance gets rendered in the cloud using the huge piano. What perhaps Piano Producer offers is the variety of pianos and also a very keen price point. A single MIDI file recording is only £25 for up to 5 minutes. That’s a lot cheaper than buying a range of sampled pianos that you might use only rarely. It’s more like when you’ve finished your composition you can send the piano track away to be made awesome.

More information is available on the Piano Producer website.

Piano Producer

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One response to “Piano Producer records MIDI files with the piano of your dreams”

    Manuel Peguero says:

    do you use actual microphones placed over real acoustic pianos? Are you’re outputs considered Mastered tracks?
    If someone sends you a midi of a short song, are you able to provide a sample of the converted midi-to-audio just to get a sample but before entering into a contract? How much does 25 pounds translate to in US dollars? thanks

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