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Kurzweil SP6

Kurzweil SP6  ·  Source: Kurzweil

Kurzweil SP6

Kurzweil SP6  ·  Source: Kurzweil

There was a time when Kurzweil produced the ultimate in sampler, synthesizer, performance, workstation stage pianos. More recently they seem to keep adding to their range of pianos in the hope of hitting on the right combination of features. The Kurzweil SP6 series of stage pianos is their latest stab at keeping up with the big players.

Kurzweil SP6

The SP6 is an 88 keyed stage piano that they’ve tagged as being “Powerfully simple”. I think we can all relate to that. It comes with 2GB of sounds including a high definition Japanese and German grand piano that features Kurzweil String Resonance (KSR) technology. There’s a bunch of other sounds too taken from their range of other keyboards including some classic organs and electric pianos. It’s all powered by something called Flash-Play which gives you all the content with zero-loading time – that’s very cool.

On the effects side, there are 32 individual effects with controls right there on the front panel. And those 4 knobs, along with various buttons, switches and a number of pedal inputs add up to 20 MIDI controls. There are 4 arpeggiators available independently per program. It’s all wrapped up in a light-weight 12kg package, which isn’t too heavy for an 88 keyed, fully-weighted, hammer-action keyboard.

The SP6 looks like most of their other pianos. There’s a chunkiness to it that to me looks a bit dated. But Kurzweil are still held in high regard in many circles and maybe this is the keyboard that will reward the loyalty.

The Kurzweil SP6 will be available by the end of the year for $1295. More information on the website.

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  1. roseland67 says:

    Looking forward to trying one, but the 4+ million person metropolitan market of Chicago doesn’t seem to have one?
    Really? gotta drive to Ft. Wayne In. or Milwaukee Wi. just to demo a new Kurzweil?

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