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Nord Stage 3

Nord Stage 3  ·  Source: Nord

Nord reveal the fifth generation of their flagship stage piano and synthesizer hybrid. It’s called the Nord Stage 3 and looks exactly as you’d imagine it would. Let’s see if it holds any surprises.

Nord Stage 3

This is a keyboard for performance. Nord’s aim has always been to provide the ultimate on-stage instrument. So although it’s often seen as a quirky stage piano it actually has all of Nords best work packed inside. This time around they’ve added an OLED display for editing, seamless program changes, crossfading split modes and layering, a song list mode and destination morphing.

The piano section has had its memory doubled to 2GB and can now handle up to 120 voices. The synth section continues to feature their A1 synthesis and sampling engine, but with an expanded memory, more polyphony and a new Super Wave category. The all important organ mode has 2 new pipe organs, Model 122 vintage rotary speaker and even real drawbars on the compact version.

Did I mention that it comes in 3 sizes? There’s a 73 note semi-weighted “Compact”, a 76 note hammer action, and of course, the 88 notes of the fully weighted hammer action piano.

Nord Stage 3 in three sizes

Nord Stage 3 in three sizes

It’s a stunning keyboard, building on a tradition of stunning keyboards with a style that no other stage piano could match. Dig into the details on the Nord website.

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