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Kurzweil PC4-7 and SP6-7

Kurzweil PC4-7 and SP6-7  ·  Source: Kurzweil

Just when you thought Kurzweil was running out of ideas someone suggested removing an octave and we have the entirely new and yet the same PC4-7 and SP6-7. 

76 keys

I’m just teasing really. It’s funny because when I wrote about the PC4 last year I said “Although knowing Kurzweil there will be a 76 note and 61 note version with a synth-action keyboard along before too long.” and here we are!

Both of the machines are scaled down slightly to 76 keys of semi-weighted action with velocity and pressure sensitivity. This makes them lighter and more gigable that the larger hammer action and weighted keys of the originals.

Mega synths

The PC4-7 is the same uber controller keyboard with 16 zones and 36 controllers. Oh, and a huge sound engine featuring VAST, FM, KB3 and VA1 forms of synthesis and emulations with up to 256 voice polyphony and 2GB of sample space. Add in the 16-track sequencer and this is one heck of a workstation keyboard.

Kurzweil PC4-7

Kurzweil PC4-7

The SP6-7 is marketed more as a piano but still has 4 zones, 20 controllers and the same sound engine just with 128 voice polyphony.

Kurzweil SP6-7

Kurzweil SP6-7

VAST (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) is a powerful DSP synthesis engine which incorporates waveforms and samples through multiple forms of synthesis processing. The FM engine is a full-on 6 Operator digital synthesizer. KB3 is about Kurzweil’s emulated organ technology and VA1 refers to their acoustic modelling and emulation engine. These are meaty and frequently under-appreciated machine – especially by me!

So there’s nothing special going on but Kurzweil has got around to expanding their range of keyboards and broadening the appeal – nice one.

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