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Kurzweil K2700

Kurzweil K2700  路  Source: Kurzweil

Kurzweil K2700

Kurzweil K2700  路  Source: Kurzweil

Kurzweil invites us to witness the arrival of the heavyweight K2700 Workstation which continues the long and legendary K2 series of mammoth musical machines.


This is the sort of machine that gets an exclamation mark on the end of every feature! It has 256 voices of V.A.S.T. polyphony! 4.5GB of sounds! 3.5GB of user memory! 6-Operator FM and Virtual Analog! KB3 ToneReal Organs! And a whole bunch of powerful effects! It’s quite exhausting!

This follows the same sort of features we’ve seen before but just with more stuff, more room, more polyphony, faster, stronger, sexier and interesting to know.

It has everything; 88 note Italian hammer-action keyboard, 16 keyboard zones, 16-track sequencer, modulation step-sequencer, riff generators, arpeggiators. It has a ribbon controller, 16 pad triggers, and a bunch of knob and sliders. There’s an audio interface built-in, balanced outputs, four inputs for expression and sustain pedals. It’s all a bit ridiculous really – who could ask for more from a serious workstation keyboard?

Kurzweil K2700

Kurzweil K2700

There’s something about Kurzweil. They have a style and vibe all to themselves that refuses to follow trends. The K2700 is not that dissimilar to the K2500 I used to play on 20 years ago. It’s an evolution of course and in this new keyboard you get innovations like the Flash-play that can hold up to 8GB of library with no loading time. It comes with a dazzling array of sampled sounds and mixes it with proper FM synthesis and as much virtual analog as you could need.

Each program can hold 32 layers of sound for huge compositions and magnificent generations of sound. The Super Ribbon offers another way to access modulation and the manipulation in performance. You’ve got controls, audio inputs and everything.

The K2700 is the whole DAWless music production experience in a massively dense keyboard workstation as they’ve been doing for years.

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4 responses to “NAMM 2021: Kurzweil K2700 Workstation Monster”

  1. Andy Wharam says:

    Glad to see Kurzweil back in the Synth workstation class of synth Giants, All made of metal, Not plastic! Like the PC4!
    The 拢64 million pound question of course is how much is this new K2700 going to cost those of us who can afford it?? I want 1 please mum馃槅馃幑馃幎馃幍

  2. VengTheVader says:

    Mental, just briefly looking through the manual it looks like you can route any layer into an FM oscillator also, so it effectively could do RCM like on the SY77/99

  3. Stranger Pearl says:

    I am so excited by this it disturbs me. Love me some Kurzweil!

  4. van wilmott says:

    Just checking to see who the canadian distributor is and when it will be available Thanx Van

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