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Synthrotek Ribbon module and controller

Synthrotek Ribbon module and controller  ·  Source:

Synthrotek Ribbon module

Synthrotek Ribbon module  ·  Source:


Synthrotek have announced their new Ribbon Eurorack module that brings the slidey tactile controller to your modular system. The 4HP Ribbon module does the routing and patching of the fingered control voltage and the controller itself will be available in three Eurorackable sizes. It looks like a really neat solution.


Ribbon Module

The website is not exactly dripping with information at the moment but the Ribbon module is that which connects a ribbon controller to your Eurorack system. It was designed by synth guru George Mattson and is part of the Synthrotek’s premium MST range. It has separate gate and pulse outputs, an external signal input and comes with a “super cool sticker”, which is nice.

The ribbon controller gets patched with a stereo cable into the “RIB TRS” input. The external input can accept modulation from another source. The “RIB V-OUT” routes out the voltage generated by the ribbon to control whatever you like. This also has a handle attenuation knob. At the top you have a Gate output which stays open as long as you hold down the ribbon and a pulse output which is like a trigger that fires when you touch the ribbon.

Synthrotek Ribbon module

Synthrotek Ribbon module · Source:

Ribbon Controllers

Along with the module they are also releasing a range of soft-pot ribbon controllers. The Doepfer R2M is probably the go-to solution for Eurorack ribbon control but it’s an external device. The beauty of the Synthrotek controllers is that they are designed to fit into your modular case. It utilises the 1U form factor, found in many Eurorack cases, to house a 24hp or 44hp ribbon. For those without the 1U space then a vertically mounted 3U 4hp version will give you a short but usable ribbon for your rack.

The controller has two jack outputs, for positive and negative polarity, meaning that you can have voltage going up left-to-right, or use the other output for voltage going up right-to-left. You’ll have to work it out for the up-and-down on the 3U module yourself.

Synthrotek Ribbon controller

Synthrotek Ribbon controller · Source:

You then patch it to whatever you want to control and rub your finger up and down the ribbon for a bit of manual modulation or theremin style musicality.


That’s about it. It’s a simple and effective way to introduce a different method of control or performance. I really like the way it’s integrated into the rack. It makes me think seriously about having a case with a 1U strip just to take advantage of it.

I don’t have any pricing yet and there’s no additional information on the Ribbon Controllers yet but hopefully, it will be forthcoming soon. More information, including an assembly guide, so it must also be available as a kit, is on the Synthrotek website.

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Synthrotek Ribbon module and controller

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