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Kurzweil SP1

Kurzweil SP1  ·  Source: Kurzweil

Kurzweil SP1

Kurzweil SP1  ·  Source: Kurzweil

Kurzweil SP1

Kurzweil SP1  ·  Source: Kurzweil

Kurzweil announces the SP1 Stage Piano from their “Just Play” range of keyboards designed for “students/schools, light gigs, home recording and music lovers of all ages.”


The aim of this piano seems to be nothing very exciting. It’s a good, standard piano that would work well in any regular, normal, unexciting situation where a piano needs to be played.

It contains 16 “handpicked presets”, which raises the question how else would presets be selected? Maybe they got someone in to select the presets from a hundred possible presets? Or at the very least they didn’t leave a machine to do it. The sounds include acoustic pianos from their German D Artis Grand, electric pianos from the Forte SE, orchestral sounds from the PC3 and a bunch of others.

The SP1 has 256 notes of polyphony so you can lean all your arms on the keyboard, with the sustain pedal down and hear every note. It makes more sense when you realise you can layer up to 4 sounds for an “ensemble” performance.

Other features include the four individually adjustable effects of reverb, delay, tremolo and chorus. Plus a dedicated 3 band EQ. The keyboard is a fully weighted 88 notes with hammer action but still weighs only 12Kgs. Everything is accessible on the front panel making it a doddle to use and easy to play.

Ultimately the SP1 does the job of being a good, regular, reserved and humble piano for just playing. No price details at present but should be available at any time now.

More information

Kurzweil SP1 webpage.


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