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Xhun Audio ResonHeart

Xhun Audio ResonHeart  ·  Source: Xhun Audio


ResonHeart is a mechanical synthesizer. It’s not bothered with electrical components or modelling circuitry, this is about the physical modelling of mechanical devices and is an experimental, aerophone-based acoustic instrument.



ResonHeart uses Advanced Component Simulation (ACS) to capture the essence of acoustic instruments and mechanical devices. It takes in resonators, motors and valves as sound sources and uses an articulated modal architecture capable of mimicking all sorts of acoustic sounds and flavours. It’s an Aerophone-based acoustic instrument with air turbulence dispersion control that feeds into a complex resonator block made of 16 universal Helmholtz resonators with independent tuning and pressure controls. Those are the 16 faders you see across the middle of the interface. At the top left you have “Pressure” which serves as the breath control, in the middle is “Energy” which acts as an envelope, and on the right is “Tuning” which pushes the detuning to interesting places.

ReasoHeart strikes me as a breathy, resonating, additive synthesizer. It has the power to generate enormous pad sounds and evolving textures, perhaps reminiscent of Omnisphere. The plucked sounds are less convincing but then this is based on an aerophone. They do fold in nicely to other tones with strings and pulses, scrapes and sound effects. I love how they’ve steam-punked the interface and naming conventions so that, for instance, your ADSR envelope is called Arise, Decrs, Stream and Recede. There’s a lot of scope to tunnelling out your own sounds and playing with the resonators brings endless amounts of fun. The sound demos don’t really do it justice but thankfully there’s a trial version so you can try out all the sounds and possibilities yourself for the price of a beep every 60 seconds. The installation procedure is a bit annoyingly manual – just make sure you follow the instructions to the letter.

ResonHeart is on a special of €39.90 and is available now for MacOS and Windows in VST and AU formats.

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Xhun Audio ResonHeart

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One response to “ResonHeart: An acoustic sound generator with a mechanical soul”

    Richard says:

    Interesting, but really needs a video demo and playing the presets to get a real idea of what it’s capable of!

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