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Mune, Symphony,Bluetooth,MIDI

Mune - A digital instrument with an acoustic soul?  ·  Source:


Mune is a digital interface and musical instrument that can be assigned to a variety of different sounds. It hooks up with software via Bluetooth and seeks to give players a unique experience that’s like using an acoustic instrument, but from a piece of digital equipment. The Mune is currently on Kickstarter and the company are a good way towards their CAD $100,000 goal.


What is it?

Here’s what the maker says:

A brand new device that combines the power of digital music gear with the simplicity, soul and expressiveness of an acoustic instrument.

I looks like an interesting musical interface which links wirelessly to a computer running software. I think it actually looks really well made, the concept is a good one and I like the simplicity of the user interface.

It reminds me a little of a Tenori-On or perhaps the Notron sequencer, in that it is seeking to get musicians to interact with music in a less traditional way. No regular equal-temperament-tuned keyboards or concert pitch-tuned strings arranged in 4ths and 5ths here. Instead, you get what looks like a very tactile and potentially musical user interface, one that could also allow expression and dynamics, and is not limited to the dogma of more traditional instruments. Who here hasn’t got stuck in a scalar rut before, or perhaps a common chord progression?

Mine Symphony software

Mune Symphony software running under OSX · Source:

Mune Symphony

Attaching the Mune to the Mune Symphony software lets you can assign different, sounds, loops and timbres. Plus, it will work with other software music creation packages like for example Ableton Live, Traktor or GarageBand. As the Mune uses the MIDI standard (and potentially CV as well if they hit their target) it should actually be pretty open-ended.

I like it and would love to see it reach its intended goal as I am all for new ways of making music and enjoying the process of musical creation.


Full specifications and details about the Mune can be found here


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Mune, Symphony,Bluetooth,MIDI

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